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Residual Profit Center 

RPC offers a diverse group of marketing professionals adept in supporting health & wellness advocates. 

Our strong bench of RPC team members provides the step by step guidance you need to maximzie your profit potential

RPC offers you the strategies, tools and team to help you reach a wider audience of targeted customers and patients.

No Formal Marketing Experience Required

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LinkedIn Lead Conversion

We've created a unique program for RPC members. Lead conversion is a TOP priority for our RPC members. Our LinkedIn Lead Conversion system was engineereed to move LinkedIn prospects to strong brand consumers. Consider adding the LLC strategy to your Practitioner marketing campaigns!

What You Get as a RPC Team Member

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The fastest growing Carbohydrate Controller and Manager in the World!

An Inventory of Emulin C and Emulin M to Generate Retails Profits Immediately!

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  • You'll Get Your Own Customized Marketing Website
  • You'll Gain Access To The State-Of-The-Art BackOffice Business Management System
  • You'll Have Access To One On One Support Calls With Our Team Members
  • Private Access To The Residual Profit Center Training And Support Site

Current Residual Profit CenterTeam Leaders

Dori O'Neill, Global Marketing Expert, National Sales Trainer

Dr. David Nelson PhD, Naturopath

Dr. Dwight Lundell, Heart Surgeon, Author of "The Cure Of Heart Disease"

Dr. John Gluckman, Chiropractor

Dr. Jack Herd, Chiropractor

Dr. Steven Petrosino, PhD

Dr. Stephen Tyers, Chiropractor

Jay Sargeant, National Sales Trainer, NLP Coach

Jey Lawrence, Social Selling Architect, Mastermind Leader

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